LLC NTT. Our business is:

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, sour cream, butter

Fish products

Rainbow trout and caviar

Household appliances

Quality at the best price

Dairy products

We are distributing dairy products since 2001.

We cooperate with leading companies in the Russian dairy market!

Fish products

Exclusive delicious fish is grown by our main partner - LLC «Kala Ya Maryapoyat» at 5 trout breeding farms, located in crystal clear water of the two largest lakes of northern Karelia - Upper Kuitto and Nyuk.

We offer for our wholesale customers our products as follows:

  • Rainbow Trout (chilled)
  • Rainbow Trout (frozen)
  • Salted Rainbow Trout Caviar
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Household appliances “Goodhelper”

We focus on the 4 main principles of the company:

  • We support high quality
  • We make prices easily accessible
  • We’re changing for you
  • We provide fast service
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